Colombo Office

Shipping Agency Services / Husbandry

We possess the expertise and knowledge to provide superior vessel agency attendance and ship husbandry services in handling all vessel types i.e. containers, general cargo, bulk (dry and liquid), tankers, passenger vessels, heavy lift carriers and car carriers etc. in all the ports in Sri Lanka.



Owners´ Protective Agency Services

Vessel owners and operators may at times be required to appoint a preferred agent to supervise the charterer’s agency functions and also to monitor port call operations. We, at Marine International Agencies will work in the best interests of the ship owners, offering scalable services to both owners and operators ranging from the provision of simple independent reports, to full involvement in expediting a port call. Our services also include the following:

  • Checking pro-forma D/A submitted by the head agent for compliance with applicable tariffs.
  • Receipt of owners’ funds and payments to head agents
  • Reporting the port/vessel/cargo status as required.
  • Checking the accuracy of cargo documents/SOF/time sheets.

Ship Spare Logistics

Marine International Agencies offer ship owners and managers an expedited delivery service of ship spares and marine parts. Our Group’s global reach in freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain management, ship agency, ship supply and marine and offshore support, contributes towards the successful integration of this specialized service.

Why select Marine International Agency as your preferred shipping partner in Sri Lanka?

Our clients will benefit from:

  • The professional and experienced management team
  • Our standing as a trusted partner in the shipping industry
  • Our excellent reputation in servicing clients.
  • Our financial stability
  • The solid business relationships we have with all our stakeholders
  • Our long and proud track record
  • The excellent rapport we hold with the local authorities

Marine International Agencies provide total vessel agency services. The range of services include liner agency assistance, where we keep our principals regularly informed of market conditions and news alerts which enables them to determine the potential of emerging opportunities in a timely manner.

We also provide a full range of agency services at all ports in Sri Lanka which includes a superior full-vessel agency attendance and ship husbandry services, servicing all types of vessels including container vessels Our cordial rapport with all stakeholders in the marine industry including the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Sri Lanka Customs, importers and exporters and other regulatory bodies makes us a one stop shipping agency that clients continue to engage in. Our wide range of services includes:

Our wide range of services includes:


Ship Brokering

We offer ship brokering services together with our international principals, concentrating on project cargo brokering and bulk cargo on a worldwide basis.

International Freight Forwarding



NVOCC Operations

We represent NVOCC operators and specialize in serving the Indian sub-continent, Far East and Middle East. We also provide transshipment services via Colombo taking advantage of the numerous Common Carrier Feeder operators in this region.

Sea / Air Import & Export

We offer freight for all Import and Export cargo, from both sea and air, through our widespread global network. Our cross trade department actively engages reputed overseas suppliers and buyers that enables us to offer attractive market rates, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.



OPL Launch service - Galle

The strategic geographical location of the ancient port of Galle offers an excellent opportunity for principals to carry out offshore ships supply services without deviation and with full confidence We offer Off-Port Limit (OPL), launch service/ship supply service based from the Port of Galle (the southern port of Sri Lanka).

  • Crew changes
  • Emergency evacuation of accident / sick crew members
  • Embarking / dis-embarking of superintendents / Sea Marshals
  • Inspectors / surveyors / port captains etc.
  • Embarking of repair teams / riding squads
  • Transfer of spares / equipment
  • Delivery of provisions
  • Many other support services needed by vessels

Launch Services

Launch services are offered on a 24 hour basis every day. Current launches based at the Port of Galle have a carrying capacity for 15 to 25 passengers and a deck capacity of about 4 MT of cargo with an operational speed of around 10 knots. Loading / unloading can be done through the use of a shore crane whilst at the Port. At anchorage the mother vessel crane is used to transfer cargo on board.

We also assist in the service of vessels at the inner anchorage and / or at mid ocean within 10 to 15 miles off-shore. Vessels are not required to anchor as this service can be provided whilst still underway.